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Invoice Scanning & Invoice Processing

We specialise in supporting organisations to improve their Accounts Payable productivity through the scanning and data capture of invoices. As we scan and capture millions of invoices every year it has allowed us to optomise our processes to handle an array of invoice designs and their unstructured nature.

This optomisation of the invoice scanning and data capture allows us to offer a more competitive value than can be achieved by scanning yourself.

Our invoice scanning has grown to include, data validation, hosting, workflow, and a solution for Complete Automated Accounts Payable (CAAPS)

CAAPS Complete Automated Accounts Payable

Our processing of invoices also includes automated processing of invoices received by email.

Processing of Invoices Received by Email

The good news is now you no longer need to print invoices received by email. Simply forward the emails to us and we will process the attached invoices. Your cost is reduced as there is not document handling or scanning. Our service includes splitting attachment so each file is one invoice. We provide a daily report of emails processed. Any emails received that are not applicable for invoice processing are sent back to you for your action.

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